Cat Adoptions

Cat Adoptions

Cat Adoption Policy:

It is with much sadness that I recall the day I was forced to return my rescue cat to the SPCA. The pain and memory of giving up my Siamese 41 years ago is still so vivid. ( A family member was told that he was allergic to cats and this was the cause of his asthma. It turned out to be an incorrect diagnosis, as  later he had 11 cats of his own).

No cat or person should have to endure such pain. This is why I have decided that Cat Café will offer an adoption policy for people that are unable to have their own cats at home.

At Cat Heaven’s Rescue Cafe, we are offering in-house adoptions. These cats will remain at our Cat Café premises, however, if you love cats, but are unable to have your own pet at home for any reason, then why not become a parent and adopt a cat at Cat Heaven. The Adoption Policy Fee is R120 per month which will assist in covering the costs of the cat’s food and medical care. Read More


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