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Here is a recent article in the District Post about Cat Cafe South Africa and our Rescue Cats:

Cat Heaven’s kitties have a lovely indoor play area filled with obstacle course items, scratching posts, cosy beds, hammocks, mirrors (which they adore) and lots of toys for their amusement as well as a lovely garden with lots of catnip.


The indoor café is equipped with a kitty camera, so Valerie and her husband Paul can watch their fur children’s delightful nocturnal antics on the big screen at night.

Visitors can indulge in cat cuddles while enjoying a cup of coffee and cookies, reading a book or browsing the web (there is free Wi-Fi for cat lovers) with a purring cat on their lap. Not everyone has the space, time or wherewithal for a cat of their own and many people, especially senior citizens, live in places where they can’t keep pets, so end up feeling disconnected. At Cat Cafe South Africa they will be able to snuggle and pet cats to their hearts’ content without any commitment.

Cat Café South Africa In-house Adoptions

Cat Café South Africa will be offering in-house adoption: an opportunity for cat-loving patrons to become a parent to their very own four-legged child at Cat Heaven, visiting him or her on a regular basis and being kept up to date with their kitty’s comings and goings.

“Cat Café was built and designed with the happiness and pleasure of our cats as a priority,” says Steinmann.
“To ensure our cats are well fed and have access to medical care, we charge an entrance fee along with the sale of coffee, tea, soft drinks and cookies. A local vet conducts monthly medical checks on our cats ensuring that they are vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms. All our cats are insured, groomed daily and bathed when required. We have a display area with pictures of all our cats on a wall, along with their names to ensure that patrons can get to know them individually. We have a list of very necessary Cat Café rules and a zero-tolerance policy for anyone causing distress to our furry children.”

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